JOHNNY SUPERGLU – Vinyl Design / Photo retouching

Client : Plynt Records
City : Brussels
Photo by Quentin Hanon
Poster + Flyer design

Client : Belgian Embassy of Beijing / Manuel Hermia Trio
City : Beijing
Poster + Vynil 11" design

Client : Plynt Records / Rue Des Pêcheries
Print : Silkscreen Printing
Limited edition : 350 copies

RDP Official Website

Visual Identity — Poster - Leaflet - T-Shirt - Social Networks

Client : JCE
City : Beijing

The “Fête de la Musique”, also called World Music Day, is celebrated each year on June 21st worldwide! Started in 1982 in France, this event takes place every year in most French cities and now tends to become global : this year the Fête de la Musique will be held in more than 100 countries in Europe and over the world. This special Music Day, which the aim is to celebrate the Free Music for all, makes its debut in Beijing.
Invitation design

Client : G2S Creative Workshop
Digital invitation + printed poster (A0)